Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Meet the lady that bought you the Minifelts!

It's that time again folks.. this week lets say a HUGE hello to the lovely Eve x

How would you introduce yourself?
My name is Eve I’m 24, I’m from the Isle of Wight, and I make Minifelts.

You draw, sew and make furniture, what do you enjoy doing the most and why?
Ooh that’s a tough decision, but I’d say I enjoy sewing the most, especially because it’s Winter as I like snuggling up with my sewing by the fire or in a nice warm bed, gets really cold working outside making driftwood furniture! I love how versatile sewing is, you can make all sorts of things using a few stitches and some fabric.

When and how did you get into crafting?
Only a few months ago, I randomly stumbled across Folksy and Etsy one day whilst browsing the internet and discovered all these wonderful things that people were making. I felt really inspired and wanted to have a go myself, so I found a sewing tutorial online and taught myself some stitches, drew up some templates and I was away!

Do you come from a crafting family?
My Mum’s been a big inspiration, she paints and does origami, she also runs small art and crafts classes on the Isle of Wight and has a huge collection of craft supplies, so I’m often stealing bits of fabric and buttons and things off of her! My boyfriends mum is also very creative, she is always full of ideas and has a textiles degree and knits and makes lots of lovely things inspired by the sea, as she lives literally right on the beach.

What inspired the creation of the minifelt?
Basically I just love cute things! My first sewing project was a little chicken just so that I could get the hang of a few stitches. I really liked the shape and size of my first creation, so I started designing other pocket sized animals.

You have studied music and play the drums, are you in a band or hoping to follow a music career?
When I lived in London I was in a band called Lion O’Brien (if you have a minute you should have a listen, they’re very feel good!), and am looking to start a new band at the moment. I’m really hoping to make music my career either in a successful band or as a drum teacher/session musician but it’s very hard to make money at it. A lot like turning a crafting hobby into a full time business, which is something else I’d love to do!

Where can we buy your creations?
I have my own website and also I sell on Folksy

Do you have a blog and what is the address?
Yes I do, I’ve only just started blogging and I love it and am trying to keep it updated regularly.

In terms of minifelts what are your plans for the future?
To try and spread the word about Minifelts to anyone that’ll listen! I’m also trying to adapt the designs to make more “practical” minifelts, such as iPod covers, pictures, badges, keyrings, bags etc. Maybe even a range of bigger Megafelts!

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Probably Bill Bailey as I just love his surreal sense of humor.

Big Dipper or Saucers?
Big dipper

Chips or Cake?
Ooh definitely cake. Mmmm

What is your favorite season of the year and why?
Summer, because my Birthday is in July and I love the beach and a nice barbeque in the sunshine, you can’t beat it!

Lastly tell us something we would not know about you.
I played drums in front of thousands of people at the Isle of Wight Festival.
It was very scary!

Thanks Eve, remember us when you're famous.. !!

Wouldn't catch me eating cake and then going on a big dipper.... Ooooh no! x


  1. Great Interview! Saw an episode of black books with Bill Bailey in last night - i have to agree I would absolutely love to meet him (it was the episode where he accidentally drinks a bottle of £7000 wine intended for the pope)

  2. Thank you very much for the interview Claire.

    I love Black Books, have watched all three series so many times now& still find it hilarious, wish they'd make another series though!

  3. Great interview, Eve - many congrats on playing at the Isle of Wight festival! You are truly a creative creature! And I love Bill Bailey too - I went to see him in Manchester for his Tinselworm tour - he's just phenomenol!

    Kirsten x