Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Welcome to my very first Folksy interview featuring Sharne69!

This is all very exciting, i've never done an interview before. The plan is to interview a fellow folksy seller every week.

If you're all sitting comfortably lets put the spotlight on Sharne Lyddanam (aka sharne69).

Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I'm a mother of 3 beautiful girls aged 10,8 and 3 years old, i'm 34 and have been with my current partner for 5 years and its all down to him that i sell online, he is also my judge of what goes in the shop and what doesn't.

You've been knitting since you were young who influenced you to start?
My nan, she was and still is in my mind my knitting goddess.

Can you remember the first thing you ever knitted?
It was a very wonky yellow scarf, next came a willy warmer ( thanks nan! lol).

Where can we buy your knitted goodies?
On Folksy on etsy and on misi

Do you have a blog we can follow you on?

What inspires your creations?
I would love to prove that anything can be knitted, and that knitting can be useful and fun too.

You've got daughters, do they enjoy knitting?
I have taught my eldest two to knit but at the moment they think it takes too long to get to a finished article, it will be awhile before i try to teach my youngest.
How much time do you devote to your knitting?
I knit for around 4 to 5 hours a day, although mostly that is broken up in to moments.

What excites you about knitting?
I think having an idea in my head and knowing that i can create it through knitting, i'm not very good at following patterns, i tend to make it up as i go along, paul has to remind me at the end to write it down or i'd forget.

You've been knitted for a long time do you have any handy tips or secrets to share?
Empty cushion covers make a great place to hide yet more yarn!, but really as long as you know basic stitches then the worlds your oyster!

Do you come from a craft orientated family?
No not really which is a good thing as they are my biggest customers.

What do you do when you are not knitting?
Promote my shops, yarn shopping and housework, plus making time for my children.

What is your favourite shop on folksy and why?
Oh tough one i have loads of shops on folksy that i love, but at the moment if i had to pick one it would be pantsandpaper because I love her designs but i'm always soo in awe of anybody that can use a sewing machine (long story but lets just say my textile teacher at school put the fear of god into me and i've never got over that fear.

What inspired the cat cup warmers in your shop as I love them!?
They came as a thankyou gift for my sister who did me a huge favour and as she was having her kitchen remodelled and was complaining that the dust was going into her cuppa i made up a mug warmer, i then thought how cute they would look as cats and so the idea was born.

how fab is this!!

What is your most favourite place?
My craft room!

What is your happiest memory?
The birth of my 3 children, plus the look of wonder on my partner pauls face when he felt my youngest kick for the first time.

If you had one wish what would it be?
Either to own a wool shop or to find that one item that would just sell and sell in my shops!.

Last but not least, tell us something fellow folksters would not know about you?
I have 6 piercings and 12 tattoos and I own 2 snakes.

Thanks Sharne - did you keep the Willy Warmer? x x


  1. A great interview Claire and Sharne :D I was wondering where the idea for the cat cup warmers came from!

  2. Hi Claire, I've given you a Sunshine Blog Award!

  3. Thanks for featuring me on your blog!, you've done a great job and a well deserved sunshine blog award.
    No i did'nt keep the willy warmer lol which is a shame? wonder if they would sell lol.