Sunday, 14 February 2010

What a talented bunch folksy folk are!

On Thursday I won a gorgeous crochet heart by Pipistrelle Crochet Designs.

It was just so lovely to open the package and the smell of lavender was just beautiful! Thank you so much Debs for this lovely giveaway! I feel very lucky x

On Friday I received my Valentines Swop from Sugarmice. A beautiful heart made with felt! Thank you so much Sarah x

Talking of Valentines.. Today is the Day! I woke up this morning and hubby and I swapped valentines Cards and gifts... most of which were bought from fellow folksy folk! Apart from his ferrero rocher (yum yum) .. xx

This card was made by Dig the Earth and was made with the words I asked for, great service and absolutely fab card, hubby-pants loved it!

Hubby bought my card from Mollimoo, I just love Hilary's cards! It is so much nicer to have gorgeous cards lovingly handmade than to buy cards made in bulk by people who don't take anytime over them!

We then did gifts, Hubby bought me these earrings and bracelet from Tracy at Cinnamon Jewellery. How lovely are these! I wore them today. I cannot stress how beautifully made these are and the attention to detail is second to none. Thanks Tracy x

Aren't I a lucky girl! Hubby got lots and lots of his favourite chocs x

We went to the cinema to see Valentines Day, such a great film with tonnes of stars in it including Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner. We then had a lovely meal, came home lit our real fire and I put one of SweetScentedSoy's lovely scented melts in the oil burner..

What a lovely days its been... Happy Valentines Day everyone, what's left of it xx

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  1. What gorgeous things! Those earrings are lovely. Glad you like the heart :-) x