Monday, 22 February 2010

And Breathe .......

I have spent many a happy hour over the last month or so making a large order for Clare who is opening Calladoodles Handmade gift shop in Carshalton High Street on 1st March. I am very pleased to say that I finally finished her order at the weekend and I took it down to Clare this morning.

Clare was in the middle of painting and I must admit to being enormously jealous. She has got a large shop in a great location, I love Carshalton anyway as I used to live there... The shop is looking great already and I just know is going to be a huge success. She asked me if I would hold a jewellery making course there to which of course I said yes!

Here is a picture of some of the packaging I came up with for Clare's stock.

I must admit - it hit me like a tonnes of bricks that this is what I want to do. I studied at college to be a secretary, I hated it but my mum told me that it was a steady career. I have managed over the years to move away from that path and I am now a civil servant, I do like my job and I do believe i'm good at it but I can't say its my chosen career or that it makes me happy.

When I was younger I never aspired to become anything ... over the years I've often said that I wanted to start a business but I had no idea what in and my sister told me that I would just stumble across it one day and she was right ...I did stumble across my jewellery making by accident in 2008 and I love it. I also love Handmade and I know oodles of crafty people now too. SO I want a shop, I want to do what I love, I want to work for myself! So... I am making myself a pact, that over the next few years I am going to work towards my dream. I can do it and I will x

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  1. The packaging ( and jewellery!) looks great. I hope you reach your goal and get your own shop one day :D
    Tracy x