Friday, 5 March 2010

Soooo Cold!

The sun is shining which is lovely but it is still soo cold... if we get up to 10 degrees its going to be declared a tropical heatwave... oh how nice it would be to live somewhere hot! I wasn't designed to live somewhere cold.. Might consider putting a complaint in with the man upstairs! ... anyway enough of my waffle SERIOUSLY

WHERE IS THE SUMMER????... I don't do cold.


  1. Oh yes, high time for a bit of warmth, my garden sits reproachfully outside my window, desperately needing some tidying up but I can't face getting out there in the cold. It's 9.30am and the hard frost is still sitting on the hedge!

  2. i know what you mean - we've still got snow and i'm still scraping the car of ice in the morning! it's not good enough! i'm desperate to get out and get some work done in the garden but it's still frozen.

    oh yes, i actually popped on to say that your feature is now on my blog - hope it brings you lots more visitors and potential customers :)x