Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Wonder of Acupuncture!

I had acupuncture today. I have been visiting Eileen, my acupuncturist, since about September/October 09.

I'm not one of these people that believe solely in alternative therapies, I'm certainly not shy about phoning up and making a doctor's appointment when I'm poorly.

We had already been to see the Dr about our inability to conceive and we were progressing with infertility investigations when I first went to see Eileen. I was aware that others had tried acupuncture for fertility and it had helped.

My friend who suffers with migranes had also told me about how acupuncture had helped her, and suggested it may help my IBS. For my sins, I also had suffered with shoulder blade pain for a few years. So with my list of ailments (and a needle phobia) I went along to see Eileen.

My IBS had really started to affect my life, I was becoming scared to eat because of the stomach cramps I would get after food. I have, however, seen improvements after every acupuncture session and I am amazed to say I have not had an IBS episode for about 6 weeks now. I really feel as though Eileen has helped my body to balance itself, a solution I would much rather prefer than taking a pill every time I get stomach cramps.

I had been having shoulder blade and back pain regularly and always after gardening (one of my favourite hobbies). Again I had been taking anti inflammatory pills prescribed by the doctor for the pain, this is fine but does not offer a long term solution to the problem. Eileen uses the cupping technique, acupuncture and massage on my back at the end of each session. The first time I went to visit, I was in alot of pain when Eileen started to massage my back and she found instantly the problem areas, after using the needles and cupping, the pain had melted away. Pills mask the pain but it returns, massage alone is great but it does not solve the problem. Acupuncture provides me with instant relief and a continued improvement. My right shoulder blade is like new, probably better than it was before! I don't get any pain now whatsoever. The left is still a work in progress but is without a doubt getting better.

Sadly I'm still not pregnant but this is not because of the failure of acupuncture, unfortunately it cannot work miracles. Acupuncture has, however, increased my overall sense of wellbeing and has helped me and my body to cope better with the infertility investigations which have not always been pleasant. We will soon be having IVF and I hope to continue with my sessions throughout this treatment.

For what Eileen has done for me, I have nothing but great things to say about her, she is an extremely friendly and considerate lady who has been blessed with an amazing skill. One thing that always strikes me when I go to see her is that she just seems to know what she needs to do after checking my pulses, without me even having to say anything!

I never thought I would recommend anything that involved me being stuck with needles but I would not hesitate to recommend acupuncture, it has worked wonders for me and continues to do so! The link for Eileen's website is http://www.horleyacupunctureclinic.co.uk/

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  1. As a fellow IBS sufferer I sympathise with you. I had hypnotherapy and it seems to have worked really well. I've had no stomach pains for about a month and haven't had an episode where I've been desperately searching for a toilet. I've had acupuncture for nausea and other things too and I believe it really helps. My friend is an acupuncturist and treats people for infertility. Best of luck with it x