Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The stark reality of growing old

I spoke to my mum today she told me how my dad had fallen out of the bath on sunday. Dad is nearly 80. Everytime I see him he is looking that little bit more frail. It scares me. The thought of one day not having my parents makes me feel numb.

He apparently hit his head on the radiator and has bruised his back. My parents have had their fair share of hospital visits over the last few years they fob everyone off telling us they are ok so they won't be subjected to another one.

I'm on my way to see them tonight to make sure he really is ok. It brings it home that we can no longer deny the fact they are getting old and how much they need looking after now.

How the tides have turned my mum was always the strong one, bossy definitely! It doesn't feel right that I'll have to go tonight and make the decision to take him to hospital or not it feels like I've suddenly become the grown up?

It happens to us all I guess I just wish it wasn't happening to my mum and dad x


  1. That's a lovely photo. I hope your dad is ok x

  2. Oh babes, I sure do sympathise.. My Mum is 94yrs old and what tough old bird she is,, Gone throught the strike syndone and falling ove & breaking her hip. Yet! here she is years later still going strong, sadly not in mind though.. She is in a nursing home, not my choice as we are four childre. She, in a lucid moment gave full control to her youngest son.. Big mistake.. there you go, that another story.. Be strong pet and Im sure you will be

  3. sorry should have checked spelling.. Stroke syndrone