Monday, 4 January 2010

Meet the Family

I thought it would be nice to introduce the family!

This is us, I met hubby back in 2004 at our local gym, I actually asked him out! We got married on 3rd June 2006, it was a gorgeous hot day.

We live with our 4 cats, Midnight, Minstrel, Millie and Bumble in Horley, near Gatwick.

This is Midnight, we got him from the cats protection league when he was about 10 weeks old back in 2005, he is truly like a dog! Unfortunately he has heart disease diagnosed nearly 2 years ago now, every extra day we get with him is a blessing. My folksy shop is called Black Cats Whiskers, inspired by my boy.

This is Minstrel aka the hobbit, she is a true lady. We got her also in 2005 when she was a tiny baby, we bought her from a terrible breeder, she was in awful conditions and being fed all the wrong food, I had to rescue her. She's the naughty one of the bunch, always knocking things off the side with her paw and climbing into cupboards and getting shut in! She takes life in her stride. She has also adopted our neighbour, he loves her (luckily) and we often see her sitting in his bedroom window or on top of his kitchen cupboards, she has no shame!

Below is Millie, she was another rescue this time from Croydon Animal Samaritans, we got Millie when we moved to this house back in 2007. She was 9 months old when she was rescued from a garden with her mum and brother. They were living wild, she had never been inside a house, let alone played or had any human interaction. She wasn't ferral though surprisingly. Understandably she was pretty scared when she came to us but she was accepted easily by Midnight and Minstrel. The lady who was fostering her said that she would most likely bond really strongly to me, which she has. She's like my shadow and sleeps on the end of the bed by my feet (poor girl) every night! I enjoy gardening and Millie loves to help in the garden, I can carry her around in the garden under my arms for ages and she loves to help dig holes. If I ignore her she will bite my bottom!
Our last addition was Bumble in 2008, we helped out the animal samaritans for a while fostering, our last foster was Bumble, she was 6 months old, she wasn't mistreated but had an owner who could not care for her properly. It took us all of a few hours to decided she wasn't going to go anywhere! We had to stop fostering after that, I decided I was a really bad fosterer and would end up with a whole house full if I didn't give it up! Bumble is just beautiful, a true family cat, very gentle and boy does she like to talk! The cats were all close when Bumble came but she bought them all closer. She would play with her toys and would physically give the toys to the rest to play with while she sat back waiting her turn, she somehow managed to get them all involved in play time. I had never seen anything like it. Although she is friendly with us, she isn't so keen on strangers.
Its surprising how our cats, not being related, can get on so well. They rarely fight and get on better than I do with my family!!!

This is us for the time being, we are hoping to truly complete the family this year. We are due to have IVF very soon, so am hoping some babies will soon also bless our house!


  1. Loved reading about your cats, bless.

    I used to have two cats but had to give them up (moved to spain). I still think about them now. They had such sweet natures and were mother and daughter.

    Wishing you all the best for you and your family.

  2. p.s your work is beautiful too.