Thursday, 1 December 2011

Folksy Friday!

I have not done one of these for a very long time..

For this week's theme i've picked pink. I've been buying accessories for my house recently and its surprising how i've been drawn to all things pink... although i've had to rein it in as my husband was less than pleased when I turned all our bathroom accessories pink in one fail swoop... pink bath mat, towels, tooth mug and hand wash bottle.. it was funny when he turned to me and said 'BUT it's all bright pink'.. all I could offer was 'you'll get used to it'.. and my husband is for sure a man's man.... rest assured he doesn't have to use the pink towels there are plenty of other options for him to choose

My offerings on this very cold Friday are:

Personalised Storage/Toy Box by Flutterbug Interiors

Flutterbye Butterfly by Handmade by Jen x0

Large Pink Potted Flower By Polky Dot Sky

Happy Folksy Friday everyone, it feels good to be back! x

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